Book Review: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling (Spoiler Free)


As I think most people know this is the fourth book in the Harry Potter series and because of that I can’t really say what happens. If your here for some spoilers your not going to find really any.

So I ended up giving this five stars. However, I liked Prisoner of Azkaban more. I was really surprised by this because its the opposite with the movies. I really liked how there was more insight into the wizard world with the World Cup, students from other magic schools showing up at Hogwarts, and some more about the Dark Arts. It was great that we found out more about Hagrid and see his character develop more. My favorite small thing that happened in this book was Dobby at Christmas. I don’t know if anyone could not like that part its just too adorable.

I want to start to include quotes that I really like form the book if I find any just because I already have a journal where I put them. Sadly for Goblet of Fire I don’t have any. There are some through the book that I found to be interesting and help to build the world but I’m not going to include quotes like that. I’m not sure how that’s going to work with manga but we’ll see. So keep an eye out for some quotes in the future.

What do you think of Harry Potter and the Giblet of Fire? Let me know what you think down below. Otherwise I hope you have an amazing day.

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling (Spoiler Free)


As some of you may know I’ve been reading the Harry Potter series for the first time this month. I like to think that I’m not doing to bad with my TBR but I do know that there is pretty much no chance at this point to complete it. That is unless I magically get through the last four Harry Potter in the next 13 days and read Vampire Knight Memories Volume 1 before December first and finish off the course I’m doing. So I’m expecting that some of the series is going to carry over to my December TBR.

Anyways I ended up giving this book five stars. For me this is the book where the series just got all the better. It actually took me less time to read this one then the other two. Just like the first two it was heartwarming. Hagrid is so amazing and I loved him in this book. Of course I loved a certain scene between Harry and another character (if you have read this you know who I mean). The more I read these books the more I realize they read like a Stephan King book. Not with the writing style or topic but with the fact that the main “exciting” part doesn’t happen till the last half to last quarter of the book. This isn’t a bad thing at all its just something I have noticed but with this book it wasn’t as noticeable. I don’t know what else to say. There was no part that was super surprising but I have also seen the movies more times then I can count.

If you want to tell me what you thought of the book or how your TBR is going leave a comment down below. Otherwise have a wonderful day!

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling (Spoiler Free)


So it took me close to two weeks to read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets but I did it! I’m so happy that I’m finally getting around to read this series and am really enjoying it.

I ended up giving this book five stars just like the first one. Since I seen the movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it hasn’t been my favorite out of the series. As for the book I liked it more then the movie. Significantly. I found this to be really heartwarming and pretty interesting. I ended up hating some characters but I think those characters were written to be hated. If you know have read this book you know who I mean. I’m just going to say that I absolutely LOVE Dobby and going into this series I was really looking forward to the parts where Dobby is involved in. Reading this I was way more emotionally affected by this book then I was with the first one. It wasn’t an emotional rollercoaster or anything like that but it still had a lot of moments that just get you in the feels.

If you haven’t guessed it I’m going to continue with the series. SO! Stay tuned for future reviews. Also follow me on instagram at comfortablyinbetween if you want to of course. Other then that feel free to comment down below if you want and have an amazing day!

Book Review: Complicated Us by Ashlyn, Raju Jana, and Khushboo Rani Mahato (Spoiler Free)


I’m excited to say that I was contacted by Khushboo Rani Mahato to review this book. Of course I said I would and received the PDF file, thankfully since I don’t have an e-reader. Of course I looked this up on Goodreads and this book just came out October 30th 2017. So that’s really awesome that it’s a newer book. Anyways! Here is my synapsis of the book.

Our main characters, Khushi and Ashwin, are brought together by social media and start developing a relationship. We fallow these two as they navigate through life and the challenges that are involved. We get to see the way this teenage couple works through very common difficulties that couples their age go through but also we get to see the high points of their relationship. This couple ends up facing a truly difficult decision. What will they do and how will they handle it?

As a disclaimer this is a really short book which makes it a little hard to review and also there are some grammatical errors.

I ended up giving this book four out of five stars. I’m not being generous with my rating just because I was asked to review it. I honestly really liked it. Let’s start with the positives. This is an adorable book. Plain and simple. It was really interesting to see the relationship between Khushi and Ashwin and how they handle things. I found the relationship to be really relatable which means I was on an emotional rollercoaster. There were times when I was cheering on the couple, times where I wanted to slap Khushi and Ashwin and tell them to grow up, times where I wanted to yell at them, and times where I wanted to cry. This was really impressive since its only 71 pages. Now for the negatives. This falls into the insta love trope. Or at least it seems like it does because of the length of this book. As I said above there are grammatical errors. This bothered me a fair amount mostly because I love languages. The only other thing that I didn’t like was how short it was. When I finished it I was left wanting another 200 pages and for the story to be more in depth because I feel like it could have been a really good longer book or duology.

If you are at all interested in this you can find it on Amazon. I really do suggest it.

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling (Spoiler Free)


I think at this point in time everyone knows what the Harry Potter series is about because they have seen the movies, read the books or both. So I feel like I don’t need to give a synapsis about any of these books. Since this is such a popular book series I thought I would write a review for each book and then once I read all of them do a whole series review.

The reason I didn’t read these books when I was younger like everyone else was simply because I didn’t have that much interest in any books back then. I was one of those kids who would rather play outside than sit and read. Clearly that has changed.

What did I think about the book? It was cute. I really like how random some of the things in the wizard world are. For example its 17 Sickles to 1 Galleon and 29 Knuts to 1 Sickle.  At times it did feel a little slow but I think that’s its mostly because of the world building and because its JK Rowling’s first book so I don’t really mind. Honestly you can’t be too hard on an author with their fist book. Otherwise, it was really good. I ended up giving it five stars. Once things really started to get going I didn’t want to put the book down. Part of that was probably because there was about a hundred pages left at that point. Which is good if your finding the first part slow because once you read the first half the second goes by really fast. Yes that’s suppose to be kind of a joke even if its a bit true. From what I remember about the movie since its been more then a year since I watched it last the book and the movie was pretty similar. Its really hard to talk about such a short book without giving away big events in the book. It definitely should be a book that everyone reads because I think that no matter how old someone is they will enjoy it.

Stay tuned everyone for the review of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to be up soon!

Book Review: Another Omnibus by Yukito Ayatsuji (Spoiler Free)


I want to start off with a disclaimer. You need to know how to read manga before going into this book and also there is a lot of gore.

Another starts in the spring of 1998 when Koichi Sakakibara transfer to North Yomiyama Middle School and is put into third year class three. On his first day he notices that there is something off about the class. The whole class is actually keeping a dark secret from Koichi. But they can’t keep the secret of the curse of Class 3-3 a secret once many strange deaths start to occur. Can the class stop the curse before everyone is affected by it?

I absolutely love this manga. Five out of five stars. The drawing style in this manga is super creepy and really adds to this book. While there is a lot of gore the vast majority of this book is in black and white which makes it less gross. If you don’t know what an omnibus is its a bind up of volumes that are usually published separately. So because this is an omnibus its the complete Another series which makes this a really thick manga. Most manga I’ve seen aren’t very thick but this is 720 pages. I managed to read this from cover to cover in about 6 hours and that includes stretching because my back was hurting the whole time I was reading this for some reason.

Now I have watched the anime but that was close to four years ago so I didn’t remember how the series ended. That being said the ending was shocking for me.

In my opinion this is a great manga to read around Halloween because of how creepy this manga is.

Let me know what you guys think of Another down in the comment section. Have you read it?  Do you want to?

Book Review: There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins (Spoiler Free)


If you didn’t know this is Stephanie Perkins first time writing a thriller. When I did read this book I did keep that in mind and maybe because of that I wasn’t as harsh on this as I am with authors like Stephan King who write a lot of thrillers.

In ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ we fallow a teenage girl named Makani who was sent to live with her Grandmother in Nebraska because of her dark secret and needing a fresh start. All of a sudden teens are being murdered. But why? Of course these murders cause the town to become very scared as to who is going to next because there is seemingly no pattern to the murders. Through all of this Makani is forced to face her dark secret. Will it change her life? Will the murderer be caught?

I gave this book three out of five stars which isn’t bad but its the lowest rating I’ve given a book so far this year. BUT at least it didn’t make it to the DNF list. On BookTube there are a lot of reviews on this book and of course I did watch some of these. So I did know that not everyone likes this book. Obviously I did buy it anyways and read it. This was a kind of meh read for me. I not really sure why. I was expecting a little more from this book if we are benign honest. Personally I wouldn’t call this a thriller I would call it a romance with some gore. This book would be great for younger people or anyone who doesn’t really read thrillers or is easily scared. If you do like to be scared this book won’t do it for you.

Have you read ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’? Are you going to or are you not? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! Till next time have an amazing day and a happy Halloween!

Book Review: Pet Sematary by Stephan King


First Stephan King book I’ve read in about 8 years and I am happy to say that I liked this book and ended up giving it four out of five stars on Goodreads. Which if you want feel free to fallow me on there to keep up with what I’m reading plus its linked to this blog so its easy to find me. Here is a quick little insight into what the book is about:

Meet the Creed Family. We have the father Louis, mother Rachel, daughter Ellie, son Gage, and pet cat Church. They have moved to an idyllic house in Ludlow Maine. The only problem is the road that runs in front of their house is a very active one. They are warned by their new neighbor Jud to keep an eye on the kids and the cat because the road had claimed many animals lives. You would think that they had the perfect life but nothing is perfect forever.

I found this book to be more creepy then scary but that also has to do with the fact that I don’t have kids. If you had a child or children this book would be terrible as in scary. I also wouldn’t suggest this for a younger reader, like you would want to be in your mid teens, because of the content. But don’t worry this book isn’t completely series the whole way through. Thanks to Ellie and what she says in the book it is almost funny at the weirdest or wrong moments. The way this book ends is very much a “Holy H*ll!” ending. Which is saying something because I have seen the movie Pet Sematary about two years ago and knew how the book would go some what. I just found that reading it was way more compelling the watching it on a TV.

This is definitely a book I would suggest for a Halloween read.

Book Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Spoiler Free)

For those of you who don’t know me I absolutely love Halloween and I really, really like classic books. Oddly enough for me I never read Frankenstein back in high school for some reason that I don’t know. This is so odd is because I was in Honors English 11 and 12 (AP English for most people) and we had a certain types of books that we were allowed to read which included classics, sorry but YA didn’t make the cut, and of course Frankenstein is a classic. So I could have read it way back while I was still in high school but didn’t.  Anyways, the second last time I was at Coles Bookstore I found Frankenstein on the 3 for $10 table and thought why not get it and finally read it.

Frankenstein is the story of Victor Frankenstein who ends up creating a monster out of a collection of body parts. This monster escapes the lab that he was created in and to Victor’s horror ends up coming back into his life with a request.

Now this is the sad part for me…. I didn’t like this book. Actually I ended up moving this to my DNF list. I want to say here that while I like classics I don’t really like science fiction books. I can see who people like this book but I didn’t. I do think I will be trying to read this again later in life. So I’m pretty disappointed about not like it.

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