November 2017 Book Haul


Number of Books Bought: 11

Number of Books Sent for Review: 1

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra CLare

As many people know that is a second book in the series so that means that I have no idea what it is about. But it was the only one I was missing.

They Both Die At The End by Adam Silvera

I have never read an Adam Silver book before but when I heard about ‘They Both Die At The End’ on BookTube I was very interested. So this book is set in the future where on the day that your going to die a company calls you and tells you that today is your last day. At that point you can go on an app, The Last Friend app if I recall correctly, and meet up with someone else who is living their last day. If you couldn’t guess in this book our main character is living his last day. That’s about all I know.

A Series of Unfortunate Events books 1-4 Netflix Tie In Box Set by Lemony Snicket

If you don’t know I love this series. It was the series that really got me into reading. When Netflix made this into a show I was super excited and ended up really liking it. So I told myself that in my Accounting Fundimentals 1 course if I got an ‘A’ I would be allowed to buy this box set. Clearly I got an ‘A’.


Oryx and Drake by Margaret Atwood

I first read this book for my Grade 12 Honors English (like AP English) class. This is a dystopian novel where our main character calls himself Snowman. Though out the novel we have flashbacks starting from when Snowman was a child all the way up to why the world is the way it is. We also see Snowman trying to survive in this new world. I know this doesn’t tell you a lot about the book but the less you know the better. This the only book that’s a love hate for me. I was loving it to a certain point then something happens and I was not at all happy about it. After reading this book I understand why some of my other teachers called this a ‘Stick Your Head In An Oven’ book because I was so upset by this book.

My True Love Gave To Me by Stephanie Perkins

I got this book for two reasons. One it looks like a cute holiday read. Two its an anthology and lots of the authors are very popular authors so I thought that this would be a good way to see if I like the writing style of these authors.

The Odyssey by Homer

I already have the Iliad but didn’t want to start to read it till I had the Odyssey. Now I can.

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthoney Doerr

This is another book I first heard of on BookTube. So when I was at the used bookstore and seen this I just had to pick it up. This is actually about two different characters. The first is Marie- Lauren when is living in Paris when the Nazis occupy Paris. Her father and her end up having to flee to her Uncle’s house by the sea. The second character is Werner Pfennig who lives in Germany and is enlisted into the Nazis because he is a sort of expert at fixing electronics. We end up getting to see what happens when these two meet. I haven’t actually read many books that take place during WWII which is something that I want to change.

The Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke

This is a series that I heard of when I was younger but never read. I did see the movie for Inkheart and really liked it but it has also been years since I seen it.

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

If we are being honest this is a complete cover buy. I seen this at the used bookstore beside Inkheart and thought it was really pretty.


Complicated Us by Ashlyn, Raju Jana, and Khushboo Rani Mahato

I am super excited to say that I was contacted by Khushboo Rani Mahato to review this book. Obviously I said that I would. I have actually already read this and really liked it. There are some grammatical errors so if that’s something that annoys you I wouldn’t suggest it. In this book we follow Ashwin and Khushi. We get to see how their relationship grows and they face challenges that many young couples face. Honestly this is very much an emotional rollercoaster. If you are interested you can find this on Amazon.


So that’s it! Going forward I’m hoping to try to get my TBR bookshelf (yes I have a whole bookshelf of books that I have to read) down because right now I have almost no space left. Other then that if there are any topics you would be interested in let me know! Besides that I hope you are all having an amazing day!

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