Book Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling (Spoiler Free)


So it took me close to two weeks to read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets but I did it! I’m so happy that I’m finally getting around to read this series and am really enjoying it.

I ended up giving this book five stars just like the first one. Since I seen the movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it hasn’t been my favorite out of the series. As for the book I liked it more then the movie. Significantly. I found this to be really heartwarming and pretty interesting. I ended up hating some characters but I think those characters were written to be hated. If you know have read this book you know who I mean. I’m just going to say that I absolutely LOVE Dobby and going into this series I was really looking forward to the parts where Dobby is involved in. Reading this I was way more emotionally affected by this book then I was with the first one. It wasn’t an emotional rollercoaster or anything like that but it still had a lot of moments that just get you in the feels.

If you haven’t guessed it I’m going to continue with the series. SO! Stay tuned for future reviews. Also follow me on instagram at comfortablyinbetween if you want to of course. Other then that feel free to comment down below if you want and have an amazing day!

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