Book Review: Another Omnibus by Yukito Ayatsuji (Spoiler Free)


I want to start off with a disclaimer. You need to know how to read manga before going into this book and also there is a lot of gore.

Another starts in the spring of 1998 when Koichi Sakakibara transfer to North Yomiyama Middle School and is put into third year class three. On his first day he notices that there is something off about the class. The whole class is actually keeping a dark secret from Koichi. But they can’t keep the secret of the curse of Class 3-3 a secret once many strange deaths start to occur. Can the class stop the curse before everyone is affected by it?

I absolutely love this manga. Five out of five stars. The drawing style in this manga is super creepy and really adds to this book. While there is a lot of gore the vast majority of this book is in black and white which makes it less gross. If you don’t know what an omnibus is its a bind up of volumes that are usually published separately. So because this is an omnibus its the complete Another series which makes this a really thick manga. Most manga I’ve seen aren’t very thick but this is 720 pages. I managed to read this from cover to cover in about 6 hours and that includes stretching because my back was hurting the whole time I was reading this for some reason.

Now I have watched the anime but that was close to four years ago so I didn’t remember how the series ended. That being said the ending was shocking for me.

In my opinion this is a great manga to read around Halloween because of how creepy this manga is.

Let me know what you guys think of Another down in the comment section. Have you read it?  Do you want to?

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