November 2017 TBR and My New Reading Plans


My New Reading Plans

I had a really hard time trying to decide what to read for November. It took me hours to decide because I have a lot of books on my shelves and was planning on reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy before the start of 2018. But I’m not at all in the mood for reading classics right now. So I kind of changed my reading plans for the last two months of the year. Currently the plan is to get through as many of the big series I have on my shelves. This might not happen because that makes my TBR for this month to have 8 books and the TBR for next month to have 14 books. Plus there are some stand alones I want to read within the next two months as well. Keep in mind that right now till the end of November I have a class that I’m working on and it takes a lot of time to do the work. Ultimately I’m not going to rush through the books since the point is to enjoy them and if I finish the books on my November TBR early I’m going to continue on to the books on my December TBR. Also if I don’t finish all the books by 2018 then I will just continue reading them in the new year till its all done.


November TBR

Right now I have a total of 8 books on my TBR for this month. Ideally I will get through all these books before the end of November and be able to get through a book or two that are on my December TBR. So here are the 8 books for November:

The Harry Potter Series Books 1-7

Most people I know read this back when I was in elementary school. But I didn’t because back then I didn’t like spending a lot of time reading. I have seen all the movie and really like them but I haven’t rewatched the movies in a couple years and really want to. So why not read the series then watch the movies after.

Vampire Knight Memories Volume 1 by Matsuri Hino

This is a spin off of the main Vampire Knight series. I can’t say much about it other then it continues on after then ending of volume 19. So yes you do need to read all 19 volumes of Vampire Knight to know what and why all this is happening. Also I’m team Zero. The reason its not in the photo is because my friend is borrowing it right now.

I’m not going to say yet what series I want to read in December or the stand alones I want to read before 2018. Sorry. I think I should be able to get through my November TBR pretty quickly. Fingers crossed. If you want to see sneak peak at what’s going on with my reading fallow me on instagram at comfortablyinbetween

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