Book Review: Pet Sematary by Stephan King


First Stephan King book I’ve read in about 8 years and I am happy to say that I liked this book and ended up giving it four out of five stars on Goodreads. Which if you want feel free to fallow me on there to keep up with what I’m reading plus its linked to this blog so its easy to find me. Here is a quick little insight into what the book is about:

Meet the Creed Family. We have the father Louis, mother Rachel, daughter Ellie, son Gage, and pet cat Church. They have moved to an idyllic house in Ludlow Maine. The only problem is the road that runs in front of their house is a very active one. They are warned by their new neighbor Jud to keep an eye on the kids and the cat because the road had claimed many animals lives. You would think that they had the perfect life but nothing is perfect forever.

I found this book to be more creepy then scary but that also has to do with the fact that I don’t have kids. If you had a child or children this book would be terrible as in scary. I also wouldn’t suggest this for a younger reader, like you would want to be in your mid teens, because of the content. But don’t worry this book isn’t completely series the whole way through. Thanks to Ellie and what she says in the book it is almost funny at the weirdest or wrong moments. The way this book ends is very much a “Holy H*ll!” ending. Which is saying something because I have seen the movie Pet Sematary about two years ago and knew how the book would go some what. I just found that reading it was way more compelling the watching it on a TV.

This is definitely a book I would suggest for a Halloween read.

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