Book Review: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (Spoiler Free)

For those of you who don’t know me I absolutely love Halloween and I really, really like classic books. Oddly enough for me I never read Frankenstein back in high school for some reason that I don’t know. This is so odd is because I was in Honors English 11 and 12 (AP English for most people) and we had a certain types of books that we were allowed to read which included classics, sorry but YA didn’t make the cut, and of course Frankenstein is a classic. So I could have read it way back while I was still in high school but didn’t.  Anyways, the second last time I was at Coles Bookstore I found Frankenstein on the 3 for $10 table and thought why not get it and finally read it.

Frankenstein is the story of Victor Frankenstein who ends up creating a monster out of a collection of body parts. This monster escapes the lab that he was created in and to Victor’s horror ends up coming back into his life with a request.

Now this is the sad part for me…. I didn’t like this book. Actually I ended up moving this to my DNF list. I want to say here that while I like classics I don’t really like science fiction books. I can see who people like this book but I didn’t. I do think I will be trying to read this again later in life. So I’m pretty disappointed about not like it.

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