September 2017 Wrap Up


Books read total: 15

I am super happy with how many book I’ve read this month. Now I know that I didn’t getĀ  completely through my September TBR but that’s alright because what I didn’t get done I’m going to move them to my next TBR. Here are the books that’s I’ve read this month.

Vampire Knight Volumes 6-19 by Matsuri Hino

So if you watched the anime and didn’t like how it ended don’t worry the manga goes way farther then the anime. We fallow Yuki Cross adaptive daughter of Headmaster Cross of Cross Academy. Ten years earlier Yuki is saved by Pureblood vampireĀ Kaname Kuran from a vampire who was trying to kill her. Its Kaname who brings Yuki to Headmaster Cross to be taken care of. Yuki has no memory of her life before the almost attack. Its now Yuki’s job as part of the disciplinary committee with the help of Zero Kiryu (who’s whole family was killed by a vampire) to keep the secret of the Night Class from the Day Class. The secret is that the whole Night Class are vampires!

Cat About Town by Cate Conte

Maddie James is back home on Daybreak Island after the passing of her grandma. While she is home she did not expect to have an orange cat adopt her. Good thing she likes cats. Just as things are starting to look up for Maddie things get complicated. Maddie is thrown into the middle of a huge mystery after Maddie and the cat find the local town bully dead. Not only is Maddie trying to find out what happened but she is also has some interest in the love department. As in two gentlemen are interested in her. How is Maddie going to get through everything happening around her?

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