Book Series Review: Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino (Spoiler Free)


Yuki has no memory of her life before she was almost killed by a vampire ten years before. She is saved and taken to the Headmaster of Cross Academy where she meets a young boy named Zero. Yuki and Zero are now protect the secret of the Academy. The secret is that the Night Class is full of vampires! It is Yuki and Zero’s job to protect the Day Class form the Night Class. The goal of having a Night Class is to show that vampires and humans can peacefully coexist. But things are never that simple or easy especially when your a teenager.

Like many people I have watched the amine about three years ago. I really did enjoy the anime even though there where moments that I didn’t really like and I didn’t like the ending because it felt like there was way more to the story.

So since I was familiar with the amine and was at the book store and needed one more book to get $10 worth of points a went to the manga section to see what I could find. Originally I was thinking of getting Naruto but they didn’t have the first volume, which was probably a good thing since there are seventy-two books in the series. I noticed that they had the first volume of Vampire Knight and obviously I got it. Then a few weeks later I ordered the other eighteen books and the rest is history.

I really enjoyed the manga. Of course I has issues with things that happened. It was really interesting reading from right to left. I thought I would have had a hard time with it but I didn’t. Oh and this was the first manga I’ve read. I really LOVE Matsuri Hino’s artwork it was amazing!

I do want to note that the series is rated T+ (for older teens) and I do agree with this because of the content wouldn’t be appropriate for younger readers.

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