Book Review: Killer by Sara Shepard


Welcome to the sixth book of the Pretty Little Liars series Killer by Sara Shepard! Hanna and Kate are in a little war with each other over a sophomore. Aria is interested in a friends older brother. Spencer is committing crimes against her own family. And Emily is as wholesome as we all think. New A is as relentless as ever. Lets just hope things don’t get as bad as they did with Old A.

Let me start off by saying….. WOW! I loved how there wasn’t any long down points in this book! Right from the first page things start on a high note and say there for the majority of the book. I cannot express how happy I am that so much happened in this book compared to Wicked. As always by the time I got to the end of the book I’m still wondering who A is. But now there is another part to the question and that’s who’s side is A on? I’m honestly starting to feel like a detective trying to figure it out.


Spoiler Section!

We start this book right where Wicked left off. The girls, after finding Ian’s dead body, go back to the Rosewood Day fund-raiser to get Walden. The five of them, including Wilden, go back into the woods to where they girls found Ian’s body. But its gone. Remember it was A who told them to go into the woods in the first place. After Wilden makes sure this is where the body is suppose to be he tells them that he will get a team together and start looking for the body. Wilden starts back to the Hastings house but the girls hang back for a minute to check with each other that they were in the right place and that the body should be here. Of course they realize that they are in fact in the correct location but they don’t know what happened to the body. They start back to the house as well. As they are leaving the ravine they see Wilden up ahead. As they are looking at him they see him turn off his flashlight and start going deeper into the woods in the opposite direction. Needless to say they are very confused by this but go back to the house, after all they aren’t dressed for hiking through the woods following someone.

Due to what happened in the last book with Xavier, Aria has moved back in with Byron and Meredith (now five months pregnant).  Not long after she moves in they have some exciting news. They bought a house and want her to move in with them. She agrees to, after all she is still trying her best to avoid Xavier. Because they girls found Ian’s dead body and the police are searching the woods for any evidence the girls are being hounded by the media. Its on an exceptionally bad day with the media that Aria runs into Jason, Ali’s older brother, at the SEPTA station while she is planning to skip school for the day. While they are talking Aria starts to get the feeling that Jason is flirting with her. She doesn’t mind this since she has had a crush on him since the sixth grade. But just as things are going well Jason runs out of the station. Aria is confused by this and is looking around for a reason as to why. She sees it on a TV with the latest news, ‘Thomas’s Body A Hoax’. The news is saying that Ian has e-mailed his parents saying that he is safe but not where he is. Aria goes out on a limb and goes to the station in the town that Jason and his parents are living in and confronts him about what happened at the station a few days before. Things go well and they end up going to a bar in Hollis to get drinks. While they are talking Jason tells Aria that he knew she liked him when she was in sixth grade, not because it was that obvious but because he is just perceptive. Just before Jason leaves, for whatever reason, Aria goes in for a kiss and his kisses her back! Later Aria receives an invitation to a new hotel called Radley that is having a grand opening and Ella has art that is going to be on display. Ella really wants Aria to join her and Xavier at the opening. The next date that Aria goes on with Jason they go to an indoor rock climbing place. When they are there Aria remember about the invite from her mom and asks in Jason wants to go with her. For some unknown reason he ends up freaking out and storms out of the building leaving Aria behind. Days later Aria gets an e-mail from Jason saying that he wants to explain why he acted the way he did and for her to meet him at his place. She agrees to go. But of course things aren’t that easy. When Aria gets there she is almost attacked by a dog and has to breaking into Jason above garage apartment by climbing through a window. Inside she is looking though an old year book and discovers that Jason and Wilden were friends in high school. Its at this point that Jason shows up, he wasn’t home before, and freaks out at Aria telling her to leave. She does so and realizes that it was all a set up by A, Jason never messaged her.

Emily and Isaac are together and its in they book that they first say “I love you” to each other. Things continue to escalade between them. One evening while they are alone at Isaac’s house they end up losing their virginity to each other. But things are not perfect because Isaac’s mom is acting strange like she knows what they did…. The following day Emily is having dinner with Isaac and his family. However, Isaac’s mom is making little side comments that are rude and insinuating that Emily is a slot, easy, and corrupting her son (for lack of better words). Emily tries to ignore it thinking that she’s just being paranoid. That is until she finds a picture in the junk drawer of her and Isaac from the Rosewood Day fund-raiser with her head cut off. Not long after she sees this she leaves without saying a word about it. A couple days later when she is having dinner with her sister and some friends that are on the swing team as well at Applebee’s she runs into Isaac’s mom in the bathroom. She tells Emily that she thinks she’s a slut, no good for Isaac, and that she is never allowed to step foot in her house ever again. Emily ends up running out of Applebee’s. Later that night she tells her concerned sister what happened. Her sister tells her she has to talk to Isaac and tell him what happened. She agrees with it. She picks Isaac up the next day and tries to tell him what happened but he doesn’t believe her. He gets out of her car and starts to walk back to his house from Wawa’s. Things are over between them. At this point A sends her another message telling her to go to Ali’s old house. Emily goes to the street Ali use to live on and sees something interesting. Janna and Jason are in the living room of Jenna’s house fighting. Jason ends up storming out and sees Emily. She takes off. Why were Jenna and Jason fighting?

Hanna is still upset of the breakup with Lucas. Understandably but what did she expect after the Kate has herpes incident. At the time of the media storm Time Capsule is announced. Since its Kate’s first year at Rosewood Day she is interested. Hanna on the other hand is not. But guess who finds a piece of the flag without trying…. That’s right Hanna. She decorates it with the Chanel logo, Louis Vuitton logo, a girl playing feilf hockey, and a manga frog just like Ali did with hers. Later when Kate, Hanna, Riley, and Naomi are at the mall Kate expresses that she is interested in Mike, Aria’s little brother. So later at Steam Hanna sees Mike there with the other Lacrosse boys and starts to really flirt it up with him. Mike ends up inviting Hanna to go to Meredith’s baby shower with him. Kate is really mad. When the day of the baby shower rolls around Hanna is not happy with what Mike does. He brings two dates Hanna AND Kate. As you can imagine Hanna is definitely not happy. Also to make things worse Hanna and Kate got Meredith the exact same gift! A couple days later Hanna and Mike end up having a date. Mike tells her that they are going shopping at the mall and that he just wants her to be happy. Things were going good. That is until Hanna goes to drop Mike off at home and found out that he had a date with Kate right after. Hanna is not happy that Mike is seeing both her and Kate so Hanna confronts him. Mike agrees to be exclusive with Hanna if she brings him to prom. She agrees.

Spencer got another e-mail from the site that helps you find your biological mother saying ‘News About Your Match’. She got a little letter and a name of her possible mother, Olivia Caldwell. Spencer decides to meet her. Spencer and Andrew copied some files from Spencer’s dads computer onto a disk to see if she could find more information about being adopted. She tries the disk in her computer and it dies. When she goes to tell her parents this they are not happy with her. Not because of the computer but because someone painted the word ‘KILLER’ on their garage door. Spencer tells them she has no idea who did it but they are mad with her. Melissa tells her that if she needs a computer to do her homework she can use hers in the barn since Melissa is moving back to her townhouse in Philly. Spencer goes to the barn to use the computer and sees that someone painted the word ‘LIAR’ on the windmill as well. While she is on it Ian tries to reach out to Melissa who is still signed into her IM. A freaked out Spencer was able to confirm that it is Ian because of a middle name almost no one knew, Elizabeth. But she gets no other information. Spencer gets another e-mail from Olivia. Its a train ticket to NYC so they can meet. Spencer decides to go. Spencer and Olivia get along great! Olivia had given Spencer her important folder to put in her bag so its out of the way while they visit. They forget its there and Olivia is off to Paris for a couple weeks. In their short visit Spencer decides she wants to move to NYC. A day or so after Spencer’s visit with Olivia she goes outside and discovers her car missing. She goes to talk to her parents about this and it turns out they got rid of it because they thought she didn’t need it and tell her this rather rudely. This all makes Spencer feel like she is more of a burden to them.  Wanting to get out of their house and Rosewood Spencer goes through Olivia’s folder and finds a realtor number for the man that get Olivia and her husband their new apartment. She calls it and ends up using money from her collage fund to rent an apartment in NYC.  Spencer goes up to the city to see her new apartment and discovers that it doesn’t exist. She can’t believe what has happened. Andrew warned her after all. Still not believing its real she checks her collage account and it has been drained. Spencer got scammed.

At the Radley opening a lot happens. Kate relieves to Hanna that she only pretended to like Mike and to see if Hanna would go after anyone she liked. Mike hears everything between Hanna and Kate and disappears before Hanna can tell him that she has actual feeling for him. While Hanna is looking for Mike she runs into Noel. He tells her that the lacrosse team had a bet to see who Mike would get invited to prom by and Noel won the bet. She finds Mike right after the news from Noel. They talk about it and find out they both have feeling for each other. So they are kind of together now. While Emily was waiting for Aria to get there she ends up in a sort of storage room with things from when Radley use to be a place for the mentally ill. One of the things she finds is an old visitor log in book that’s eight years old that has Jason’s name in it multiple times. At this point Isaac finds Emily and needs to talk to her. He tells her that he found the picture she told him about and was sorry for not believing her and asks for her to forgive him. She said she could but not today. Hanna, Emily, and Aria all start talking about the weird messages from A they have been getting and Emily shows them the book she found. But what does it mean? As they are talking about it they receive another cryptic message from A saying that someone who is on their own is in danger. The only one who’s not there is Spencer. The girl realize they need to get to Spencer ASAP and that the flag Ali decorated, that Aria has, has a clue on it.

Emily and Hanna race over to Spencer’s barn to make sure she’s ok and Aria ran home to get the flag. But when Aria tries to leave her car won’t start and her bike is at Ella’s. So her only option is to go through the woods between the houses. Back at the barn the girl smell something and it takes them a minute to place what the smell is…. gasoline. With Spencer, Hanna, and Emily in the barn and Aria running through the woods someone fights the barn and woods on fire. The girls all make it out alright and Aria even saved someone. The girls can’t believe who it is…… its Ali…..

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