A Little 5 Year Project….

If you think about where you were¬†five years ago and what in your life has changed its kind of surprising. For example¬†five years ago I was almost seventeen and was going into grade twelve. Honestly that’s weird to think because of how much has changed and being almost seventeen verses being almost twenty-two seems like a life time ago. Which isn’t a bad thing. So thinking about where I will be in five years from now is kind of hard because of how many variables there are. I know I’ll be almost twenty-seven but other then that I have no idea. There are things I want to do between now and then but its not something I really want to put out on the internet just yet.20751558_10214334282059454_316362094_n

So my little five year project is this… a daily journal. Well more specifically Potter Style Q&A A Day 5-Year Journal. Every day there is a different question, so 365 in total, that you answer. It will take you five years to complete the book and you will end up with 1825 answers. The great thing about this is you can start this at anytime (see image below as for why).


Why am I doing this? Well that’s just it, I’m not 100% sure. Partly because its a small commitment, partly because its going to be interesting to see how I answer the questions in the years before, and to see how much I’ve actually changed.

I have been working on the journal for about a month now. I’m actually really liking answering a question everyday. Yes, it can be a bit of a pain and sometimes its not possible to answer a question everyday and honestly if for some reason I can’t answer the question that day I will do it the following day. But I do try to work on it everyday because its like a little me time even on days when I’m busy.

I think I am going to keep you guy updated at how this is going into the future.

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