Book Review: Wicked by Sara Shepard


Wicked is the fifth book in Sara Shepard’s Pretty Little Liars series. Hanna wants to stay Rosewood’s it girl. Spencer and her family, but mostly Spencer, are dealing with some huge news. Emily is more confused then ever. Aria’s mom, Ella, is dating again and Aria approves of the new boyfriend very much. Ian is awaiting trial for the murder of Ali. And some how A is back to sending the girls notes.

For me this was only a four out of five star read, keep in mind that the others I’ve read have all been five star. I think this book is suppose to set up for more surprising and big events to happen in the other books. But as usual I was left confused as to who A is and there are smaller things that happen in the book that I did not see coming. However, after a certain event happened I was able to guess the ending of the book, not how it happened but more like this is going to happen to so and so. As far as a book to set up for the future books this one was good.


Spoiler Section!

We start the book with a sort of flashback like always. This time it was back to when the girls were in grade six and a thing call The Time Capsule game is announced and its the first year the girls are old enough to participate. Time Capsule is where the school cuts up a flag and get upperclassmen to hide the pieces around Rosewood and there are clues left and if you  find a piece you can decorate it however you like but people can also steal your piece. The flag is stitched back together and buried in a time capsule. After Ali’s bragging about how she’s going to find a piece because her brother, Jason, is hiding one Ian comes up to her and starts bugging her. She says how no one will steal her piece because they would have to kill her to do so. And Ian says something like if that’s what it takes. Which is really creepy since he is in jail and awaiting trial for her murder.

After everything that happened in the last book the girls are seeing a grief councilor, Marion Graves. Of course some are finding it easier then others. Spencer and Aria seem to be doing good with it but Emily and Hanna are having a harder time. Remember that Emily was in love with Ali before she went missing and had hoped that she would just show up and be okay and not found murdered. Hanna unlike the others lost two best friends rather then just one. It seems that she’s doing alright with Ali’s death but Mona’s has been very hard for her even after everything that has happened.

So in this book Emily is as confused as ever. Maya and Emily have broken up. But things aren’t looking all that sad in the love department because she meets a boy, yes a boy, at a church event her mom brings her to. She ends up having a date with the boy, Isaac. They go sledding and they end up kissing!  Later on another date they go out for dinner and that’s where things get complicated because Maya seems to work there. Now this shouldn’t be a big deal but she hasn’t told Isaac about the girls she dated in the past. So she freaks out and leaves the restaurant. Isaac and Emily talk a little and she ends up inviting him to the fund-raiser that’s being held at the Hastings house on the weekend. At the fund-raiser Emily is freaking out because a lot of people from her school are there and they all believe her to be a lesbian. She ends up running into the powder room to hide from everyone but Isaac fallows her. Its at this point that she tells him everything about Ali, Maya, and Trista and the fact that she really likes him. Then he tells her the sweetest thing I’ve read and that’s that he accepts her for who she is and that doesn’t change how he feels about her. She also talk about how she thinks she just likes people and gender has nothing to with it, which if I recall is called pansexual. I just want to say here that I love the fact that they explore Emily’s sexuality and how she is figuring it out as the books go on and not having the whole “a boy made her straight” theme.

Hanna honestly made me really mad in this book because of how she acted. We start off with her and Lucas dating. After Mona died they were able to make up and get together. Apparently Lucas had been there for Hanna when she didn’t have any other friends and they spent a lot of time together during the winter break. Hanna and Kate also make up and decide they want to be friends and become the it girls of Rosewood Day but to do that they have to befriend Naomi and Riley. Which they do. Through this new friendship Hanna starts to ignore and back out of plans she made with Lucas. Not long before the fund-raiser she hears Kate saying some awful things on the phone. Needless to say she starts to back away from her new friends and spend time with Lucas again. At the fund-raiser she ends up spending time with Kate, Naomi, Riley, and a group of other people who gathered around them. Its at this point that she blurts out that Kate has herpes, she doesn’t know this for sure but Kate did tell her that in the fall she and a guy got together and there where complications but not like a baby. Kate is mortified, everyone around is freaked out, and Lucas is mad that she would do that. She goes up to him after and he makes a comment how Hanna just had to get her before she got Hanna. They get in a little argument and she says they he doesn’t understand how it works because he’s not popular. He again is appalled by this and tells her how he liked her when she wasn’t popular and breaks up with her and leaves. Hanna’s dad ends up finding out what happens from Kate and shows up to the fund-raiser to tell Hanna she is grounded and only allowed to associate with Kate. Before he leaves he tells her she has an hour to say good bye to everyone before she has to be home.

Aria has been able to move back in with her mom, Ella, and Mike. Her mom actually gives her an invite to an art show she was suppose to go to but isn’t interested in going to so Aria goes. When she does she actually meets the artist Xavier Reeves and she thinks he’s really cute and is interested. Some days pass and she is helping Ella get ready for the date she has with a guy she met online named Wolfgang. Aria is really happy that Ella is getting out there again. But as usual things aren’t always so simple for Aria because when Wolfgang shows up its Xavier Reeves that Aria met a couple days before! By the time of the fund-raiser Xavier had made a move and kissed Aria once already and she is avoiding him. When they are left alone at the fund-raiser she runs up to Spencer’s room to try and hide. But that doesn’t work. Xavier tries to make a move on Aria again and she is able to avoid it and tells him to leave her alone. He say that he will but if she says anything to Ella he will twist it around. We also find out from a flashback of Aria’s what happened to Ali’s piece of the time capsule flag. Jason took it and gave it to Aria for some reason, she has no idea why.

Spencer ‘s grandmother ends up having a heart attack and passes away. In her will she ends up leaving $2 million to each of her natural born grandchildren which surprisingly doesn’t include Spencer!  Of course she doesn’t understand why the will says what it does and is upset by it and her parents don’t explain in the whole book why that is. Her mother also is organizing a fund-raiser, which Spencer would usually help her with, but this time she doesn’t want Spencer’s help. This also upsets her. Spencer and Melissa end up talking about what happened with the will and Melissa doesn’t understand why the will was set up the way it was. The only reason Melissa can think of is that maybe Spencer is adopted. This just adds to the stress she has. Andrew ends up having to tutor her for econ and its at this point where Spencer has a little breakdown. She spills what has been happening to her to Andrew. He ends up suggesting a site that a friend of his used to find her birth mother. Spencer ends up signing up to see what will happen. Ian is out of jail and under house arrest because his mom has cancer. Somehow he manages to sneak out and visit Spencer. He tells her that he’s not guilty and something isn’t adding up and he is going to figure it out. Then he disappears. She also has a weird dream back to the day that Time Capsule was announced. In the dream there were two Ali’s tell her that she was missing something about her death and that she was almost out if time to figure out what it is. At the fund-raiser Spencer is told by someone that they are out of something and she goes to her mother and see if she can help. Her mother ends up being pretty rude to her and tells her to go be with the other kids. Spencer is upset by this and ends up spending time with Andrew and they end up kissing! While she is with Andrew she gets an email from the site Andrew suggested saying that they think they found her birth mom but she doesn’t have time to check it out. Its at this point she thinks she knows what the two Ali’s in her dream were talking about and goes to find it….

Now I haven’t said it but if you can’t guess who the girls have been getting messages from where have you been? Some how A is back! We know that this isn’t a fake A its actual A. How is that possible? Mona is dead. The girls at first think its Ian since he is out and under house arrest. But that’s not the case. Why? Because they still get a message after they find Ian in the woods behind Spencer’s house, A prompted them to go out there, dead. They have no idea who killed him. When Hanna fell she seen someone but couldn’t make out who. So as always we are left with the question…. Who is A?

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