Book Review: Unbelievable by Sara Shepard


The fourth book in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard is Unbelievable. Honestly the best way to sum up the book IS unbelievable. We have our four main characters who are the punching bags to are villainous A, who will stop at nothing to torment the girls. Spencer’s home life is in shambles. Aria’s love has been arrested. Emily’s family is so ashamed they send her to her conservative aunt, uncle, and cousins. And poor Hanna is fighting for her life.

Oh my god. Things that happened in this book are crazy! So many plot twists that I didn’t see coming! This is definitely a five star read for me. So glad that its different from what I remember of the show!



Spoiler Section!

SO MUCH HAPPENED! This was so crazy! Aria having to move in with Byron and Meredith. A tempting Aria that Meredith has a secret and that she will find the answers at Hooters (a cop hang out since its beside the station). Mike encourages Aria to tell the cops about A, which A told the girls not to do otherwise something bad would happen. She also finds out that the night od Jenna’s accident there was someone else in the yard and seen what Ali did but Jenna won’t tell Aria who it was. But we also find out that the incident was planned by Jenna and Ali to get Toby sent away so he couldn’t touch Jenna anymore. But why ask Ali? Because apparently Ali had sibling problems to! Of course as we know that things didn’t go as planned and Jenna ends up blind.  Ezra ends up leaving Rosewood. Aria also find out that Byron and Meredith plan to get married and Meredith ends up dropping huge news on Aria and Byron… She’s pregnant!

Hanna wakes up from her coma! But she does not remember what happened.  A takes it easy Hanna now that she doesn’t know what she was going to tell the others. Lucas ends up being there for Hanna the whole time she was in the coma and once she’s awake is still there for her. He keeps warning her that Mona isn’t telling her the while truth of what happened at Mona’s party. In the end though Hanna sides with Mona, who says Hanna knows everything, and turns her back on Lucas.

Spencer and Melissa have to spend time and bond. Orders from their parents and it seems to work. Spencer also find outs that Melissa knew she kissed Ian back in seventh grade and that Ian and Ali had a thing. Spencer also opens up about the memory that she has been slowly getting back from the night Ali disappeared and how she thinks that she had something to do with Ali’s death. Melissa tells her that it takes a unique person to kill and that’s not Spencer. Talk about creepy. Spencer and Mona end up planning a welcome back party for Hanna now that she’s out of a coma.

Emily ends up sent to her conservative aunt and uncle. But that only last shortly because after her cousins make her go sneak out and party through her under the bus after they get caught. Emily gets really mad and ends up running away and eventually ends up going home. Just before Hanna’s party a girl from Iowa, Trista, surprises Emily with a visit and Maya is furious. Maya ends up super mad at Emily and storms out of the party but before Emily can go after her a cop approaches she telling her that they need to talk to her (Aria did tell the police).

Hanna ends up remember what she was going to tell the others. A is Mona! But of course things aren’t so easy because when she remembers Spencer and Mona are on the way to the police station since they think Melissa killed Ali. They don’t make it. Mona revels that she is A and got all the information about them from Ali’s diary! She also tells Spencer that Ali had given Ian an ultimatum before she died. To tell and leave Melissa before she went on her trip or Ali would tell everyone about them. Ali was also going to meet someone that night but wouldn’t tell the girls who. So that leads us to believe that Ian killed her. Mona makes Spencer an offer to join her as A and Spencer declines. Now that she knows to much Mona tries to kill her and in the process of Spencer fighting for her life she, in a way, ends up killing Mona. So we are left at the end of the book with A, Mona, dead and the police arresting Ian for the murder of Ali.

I honestly have no idea how the other books are going to go from here….

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