Product Review: Fox Book Sac from BookSac Boutique


I first come across the mention of BookSac Boutique on a Booktube channel. Of course I was interested and curious. So like anyone who buys things of the internet I went and did some research. All I could find was nothing but great reviews. I spent time debating if I really needed one or if it was one of those internet purchases you don’t really use. Needless to say I bought one, clearly.

When I got this in the mail I was really surprised by the quality of the booksac. Like I said before I did my research and all that jazz but even still you never really know what to expect when you order from a new site for the first time. I highly suggest that if you read books a lot or just want to keep your books looking nice I would get one of these. They have a lot of different patterns! The only down side is that if you have any super tall and thick books they do not fit into the booksac. For example I have a paperback bind-up of all seven of the Narnia books and its the same size as most paperbacks and it doesn’t fit. This isn’t a huge issue for me because I the other really thick books I have are shorter and do fit. For example I have a Penguin Classics Edition of Les Miserable by Victor Hugo and it fits.

I’ve now have had this booksac for about two weeks now and I love it! I know that two weeks doesn’t sounds like that long and normal I would agree. But, in that two week time I used this a lot. I have been using this to take my book with me to work so I can read on my break and I also used it for when I went on a little road trip to Calgary and Edmonton with a friend and her boyfriend. My book was kept in perfect condition and the booksac still looks perfect.

To me this is definitely worth the money, even if the shipping costs quite a bit. Anyways here’s the link!

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