Book Review: Perfect by Sara Shepard


Perfect by Sara Shepard is the third book in the Pretty Little Liars series. Just like in the previous two books we are following Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer. The girls are still receiving messages from the mysterious A. But A is really tormenting the girls now by showing how relentless they can be. Of course this makes the girls lives way harder especially since the only people they can turn to is each other. But how well can that go if A knows thing about each of the girls that they don’t want the others to know?

As with the other books in this series I really liked this book! Yes it is fully of teen drama but what else would you expect? I can understand if people don’t like this book or the series however, if you want a light, easy summer (or fall/spring) read this series is perfect! As with any series I feel like its hard to say much about any of the sequels to the first book because you can give away what happens especially with mysteries and thrillers. Which this series can fall under both of those categories.



Spoiler Section!

So lets me just say…. OH MY GOD! A is becoming more ruthless! I could not believe that A released the photo of Emily and Maya from Noel’s party.  Could you imagine? Everything is going fine like any other swim meet then BAM! Everyone knows you kissed a girl and your family is furious. Then the ultimatum Emily’s parents give her. Wow. Talk about being homophobic. I am glad that there was the part about where Becka tells Emily that you can’t change who you are and no program can either. It was so cute that as soon as that part in the book happens that Emily goes to be with Maya! But of course A had to ruin that by telling Mrs. Fields. Ugh!

Then all the drama with Aria from having to move in with her boyfriend, Sean, to A ratting out what was happening with Aria and Ezra to Sean who, of course, told the cops. Yes what Aria did was wrong in many ways but come on! Can you tell I’m a big Aria and Ezra fan?

Spencer seems to have been the luckiest out of all them with A only threatening to tell everyone that she plagiarized her econ essay from Melissa.

Hanna definitely had it the worse. First with the sky writing incident saying “Come fart  with Mona!” instead of “Come Party with Mona!”. I really thought that was as bad as it was going to get. Oh! Then there was the hot air balloon ride with Lucas! That was probably one of the cutest moments I’ve read in a while. But of course then A has to go make this worse with what happened at Mona’s party, which did end up with another cute Hanna and Lucas moment. Then there was the moment A messed up and Hanna figured out who it was but we didn’t get to find out because A hit her with a car! Like come on!

Now let us take a minute to talk about the biggest news we actually got to find out….. Ali and Ian were dating! WHAT! So what does that mean? Could Ian have been the one who killed Ali since he was with Melissa at the same time? Or did Melissa kill here?

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