July 2017 Book Haul


So again like last month I went a little overboard with buying books. This month I ended up buying twenty books. That right, twenty! Lets get on with the list!



 Pretty Little Secrets, Wicked, Killer, Heartless, Wanted, Twisted, Ruthless, Stunning, Burned, Crushed, Deadly, Toxic, and Vicious by Sara Shepard

If you have been keeping up with my blog then you will know that I am marathoning the Pretty Little Liars series. To do that I needed to get all the books so here is the majority of the books I bought this month.



The Bane Chronicle by Cassandra Clare

I realized that this was missing from my shodowhunter book collection. Therefore, I had to get it. Also because it was such a good deal on Bookoutlet and I had a coupon code from ordering all the Sara Shepard books I just couldn’t resist.



Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

If you don’t know this is the sequel to Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill A Mockingbird”. I have been meaning to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird and I’ve been wanting to read Go Set A Watchman so why not read one after another?



Vampire Knight Volume One by Matsui Hino

This was more of an impulse buy if we are being honest. I have been wanting to start reading some manga and originally I wanted to start with Naruto. However, when I was at Coles they had a promotion going on that when you buy five books you get ten dollars worth of points and I that’s all they had to say to convince me to buy five books. It was easy finding the first four book I was having a hard time picking a fifth. So I decided to see what they had for magna. Well they didn’t have the first Naruto book but they had Vampire Knight Volume One! Its also worth mentioning that I have watched the anime series a couple of times.



The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

Recently I have heard a lot about Philip Pullman recently from booktubers which sparked my interests. But I actually was given this book from them the local used bookstore keeper. So thank you Joe!



Dracula by Bram Stoker

The most classic vampire book followed only by Anne Rice’s books. I think everyone knows what Dracula is about.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

Again another classic monster book and I think anyone who is interested in monster books and movies knows about Frankenstein. There is also a movie, well many movies but also a more recent movie, that is based on this book call Victor Frankenstein.

The Iliad by Homer

Now we are talking about some really old literature here. Apparently this was written in 762 BC, within 50 years. So it is super old. As I have said in the past I want to expand the nationality of classic authors to more then just English, French, Canadian, and American because all the over types of books I’ve read are from a wide range of authors.  If you don’t know the Iliad is about the Trojan War, which I don’t know a whole lot about even though I love history.

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  1. I started Dracula like.. three months ago? Still haven’t finished it.. I don’t know what it is with me. I thought it would be a fun read but I just can’t seem to get into it. I don’t think I’m that far along in the story yet but it just.. doesn’t pull me in like I thought it would?
    I really need to pick it up again but I can’t seem to find the motivation. :’)

    Haven’t read any of the PLL-books, but that’s simply because the series give me a headache with the never-ending loop and never finding out who is behind everything. I hate getting frustrated over things like that so reading the books.. Nah. :p

    1. Awe that sucks that you can’t seem to get into Dracula. Personally I’m waiting till October. You know for the whole Halloween feel.
      I had the same issue with the PLL show and that’s why I started reading the books. Also because I can make it through the books faster then the show (the show really annoyed me when I tried to watch it). I think the books are way better and from what I remember of the show a whole lot different. Plus it’s a nice easy summer read lol.

      1. I hadn’t even thought of doing that! Maybe I should pick it back up then and hope Halloween will give me some extra motivation boost to finish reading it. Could work..

        I think I saw five seasons of PLL? With lord knows how many breaks in between because I couldn’t handle it anymore at times.
        Hm, if I ever get the time, I might pick them up from the library and see if I like those more – and if they are less frustrating, haha.

      2. I’ve been loving reading based on seasons, holidays, and books that just catch my eye. For example I really liked A Series of Unfortunate Events the Netflix show so I went back and reread the first six book and finished off the other eight books just so I can compare the two. It definitely got me out of a like 2 year reading slum.
        I think I made it through the first three season… Just couldn’t do it dragged on way too much!

      3. I especially like my Christmas-y books as soon as fall is coming to an end, haha. Had a Christmas-ARC to read a while back and I was seriously missing my blanket and cup of hot chocolate.. But it was way too hot for that. Stupid that a book can lose a bit of its magic because of that.

        Books that get you out of a reading slump are the best!

        Totally get your point. They’re dragging the whole thing out..

      4. Some books really do seem different depending on when you read them. But you know it’s a really good book of you can read it anytime of the year!

        They definitely are. Funny part is that it was A Series of Unfortunate Events that originally got me into reading more then a decade ago.

        Yea that’s for sure! I might try watching it again after I finish all the books but I’m not sure yet. Kinda depends if I’m satisfied by how the books end or not

      5. Yup! And that’s true as well. But those christmas-romances just need cold weather to have that magical feel to them, haha.

        Nice! Especially if they’re also able to put you out of a reading slump! I usually do a genre-switch when I feel one of those coming up. Mostly helps but not all the time.

        I’m probably never watching it again unless I feel like getting frustrated, haha. I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you think of how they end!

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