July 2017 Wrap Up


This month I was about to read seven books which I won’t complain about. Complain to last month there was a lot more variety. Here’s a quick sum up of what I read.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

We fallow a girl named Maddy who has to spend her life inside because if she goes outside she may never make it back inside. Her life is simple and routine till the new neighbors move in.

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Clay Jensen arrives home from school one day to find a package waiting for him. When he opens it he is confused because of what’s inside. Cassettes. But not just any set of cassettes because they are from Hannah Baker, who committed suicide two weeks before.

Arthur Books One: The Seeing Stone by Kevin Crossly- Holland

The year is 1199 and we are reading the writing of a young boy of thirteen. Arthur. We gain a view into that life in the middle ages is like. But this isn’t about just any boy name Arthur. The first book in a trilogy about the boy King Arthur.

Pretty Little Liars, Flawless, Perfect, and Unbelievable by Sara Shepard

In the Pretty Little Liars series we fallow four girls who are connected by the disappearance of their friend Alison. When the story starts its been three years since Ali went missing. Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily have since drifted apart. However, they are brought back together when they start reviving messages from a mysterious person who goes only by A. But who is A and how do they know things only Ali knew?

At this point I just want to let you know that I am marathoning the Pretty Little Liars series and currently have fourteen books left so there is not going to be a whole lot of variety in the next warp up. That is unless I lose interest or manage to read a whole lot in August.

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