Let’s Talk: US ban on transgender people in the military 

I want to start off by saying that I am aware that some people will disagree with what my opinions are and that some will think what my opinions don’t matter because I’m a Canadian. However, none of that matters really.  So if you haven’t heard or you are like how I was when I seen the latest news from the US this morning on Facebook and don’t believe it well I’m sorry to say that it is true. President Trump is banning the involvement of transgender individuals from military service. 

Now some may be wondering “Why does a Canadian care? It doesn’t effect you”. The reason is simple because I am a human on planet Earth just like everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  As a species we are apparently the smartest according to ourselves. If that is true then why is it that we constantly shame each other for things that we as individuals can’t control? We, overall,  are shamed for what we eat, what we believe, how we look, what we identify as, our sexual orientation, and so much more. But here’s the thing: everything that other people shame us for is none of their business. 

This morning  (July 26 2017) social media was a buzz with the news that Transgender individuals are no longer able to serve in the military.  Honestly I was hoping this was some sort of joke. It’s heartbreaking to find out that President Trump is serious about this. It’s awful that we as a species are trying to create this huge of a divide based on things that no one can control. So why is the US banning trans from the military? Apparently it was something to do with the health costs or something along those lines. Which is serious sad and pathetic. It’s an awful message to but out there especially for Americans. To me the message that is being shown is “You can be whatever you want! Unless you are transgender then no you cant”. It’s sad to say but the sort of laws that are being passed in the US right now aren’t that different from laws that Hitler passed and that’s terrifying! 

Ultimately what needs to happen  worldwide is that people need to stop trying to divide us as a species. That is never going to happen as long as people like President Trump are leaders of countries because we shows young INPRESSESUABLE  people that it’s ok to have a them and us mantalitity and it’s not. We need to have more love in our hearts for our own species and be more accepting of others  no matter what.

Rant over.

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