Book Review: Flawless by Sara Shepard (Spoiler Free Review)


So I continued on with the Pretty Little Liars series. I thought the show was more based on the book then it actually is. Which means when a certain event that happens was definitely NOT expected! It was a jaw drop moment.

Flawless is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series. Just like in the first book we are following Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily who three years before had their best friend Ali go missing. Now the girls are receiving creepy messages from a mysterious character only known as A, who knows things that are currently happening and think that only Ali knew. Of course because of what A knows and is actually blackmailing the girls they are left with two questions: who is A and what does A want?

Originally I started reading this series back of this series because I could not get into the TV show. That being said I really enjoyed this book! I know some people don’t like the second book in a series as much as the first book but I liked Flawless more then I liked Pretty Little Liars. I think a big part of this is because its way different then the first season of Pretty Little Liars (from what I remember). As odd as it may be but because of how different the books are from the show its making me more curious about the show. But I won’t be watching the show till I finish off the series completely.

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