Book Review: Pretty Little Lairs by Sara Shepard (Spoiler Free Review)


A lot of the books I’ve bought recently are because TV shows or movies are based on them and I want to read the books before watching the shows or movies. However, with this series I actually tried to watch the TV series first since it started when I was in grade nine if I recall correctly. I say tried because I just couldn’t get into the show. So now years later I thought I should start with the books.

Pretty Little Liars is about a group of four girls who three years ago had their friend, Alison, go missing. As time passed and with no leads with the investigation of Ali’s disappearance the girls mourn the loss and end up growing apart. They all miss her very much but are relieved that their secrets, some of which are very dark, can’t be reviled since Ali is the only one who knew about them. Or so they thought. The girls start to get messages from a mysterious A who somehow knows things that only Ali knew. So A must be Ali or is A not her?

So I liked the book a lot more then the show. On Goodreads I only gave it four stars because while a lot happened there was a lot of set up for the other sixteen books and one companion novel. There are a lot of differences between the book and that show, for example what the girls look like, and I think that why I like it. I’m already trying to figure out who A is and how A knows so much about the girls that only Ali knew. I am continuing on with the series.

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