Book Review: Arthur Book 1- The Seeing Stone by Kevin Crossley- Holland (Spoiler Free Review)


So before I went to the local used bookstore and was recommended this book I had never heard of it. That being said I really loved this book! Also going into this book I knew almost nothing about the story of King Arthur, I know he was married to a women who left him for his best friend and they live in a place called Camelot. I don’t think its necessary to know anything going into this book especially since this book is a really quick read. Oh! Its also the first book in the Arthur Trilogy.

This book takes place in 1199 and we are in a way reading the journal of thirteen year old Arthur. As we fallow Arthur around we see how life in the Middle Ages is like. But Arthur’s life is changed one day when Merlin gives him an obsidian stone. In this stone Arthur can see a different version of himself and the life of this alternate Arthur starts to unfold when our main character looks into this stone.

I must say that while a lot happened in this book there was not very many “Oh my God!” moments. But for me that could be because I love history and know a fair amount about the Middle Ages. I’m not going to spoil anything that happens in the book but the surprising part for me was probably the last thirty or so pages. The plan is to continue with this trilogy but as for when that will happen I don’t know.

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