Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (Spoiler Free Review)

So I want to start off by saying two things. First, I absolutely love the dust jacket cover! Second, this is the first YA book I’ve read in probably about 5 years.

This book in first person perspective of Madeline Whittier who has recently turned eighteen. However, she is very different from almost everyone her age. She is very sick. What is wrong with her? She has what is more commonly knows as bubble baby disease. She has lived her life inside for the majority of her life and has had a very routine life. That all changes when a family moves in next door. More particularly a boy, Olly. Once this happens her life completely changes in ways that you could can see coming and some that you can not.

I don’t know if this is because I haven’t read YA in a long time or not but there was things that you could honestly see coming but there are moments that you don’t. For example the way the book ends, the last fifty or so pages were a total left field not expect thing for me.  I do love this book and I do think that the illustrations by David Yoon make it a lot more personal for the reader. It is definitely reloadable for anyone who has ever truly cared about someone outside of their family.

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