Where ‘Comfortably Inbetween’ Comes From

You maybe wondering where the name of this blog, ‘Comfortably Inbetween’, comes from. Or maybe your not but I know I always wonder how people come up with social media names. Anyways, the name actually come form a conversation I had with a customer a few months ago. The conversation was about how where the place where I live is in-between many things. There are three examples that make is this way. First, this town is in a valley. Second, we are between two larger towns. One is more like a city based on how its set up and what is available. The other town you can say is more hippy boho, what I mean by this is that it is way more eco- friendly (all stores on the main street use paper bags and alternative material, for instance bamboo, hemp, ect, is very common in the shops). Third, from downtown it takes only fifteen minutes driving to reach outdoor area, for hiking and the like. So this town is an in-between kind of place.

You could even take it father and relate it back to life. After all life is always on the edge of control and chaos. We as humans try to literally control everything. We are the only species on Earth that use clocks, created the idea of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and all other labels used for how we divide up the idea of time. Many of us, myself included, use planners/ agendas/ journals to keep track/ plan our lives for various reasons. However, no matter how much we try to control our lives there is no ways to control everything. We can’t always control when or how relationships start and end, we don’t know when we will loose a loved one nor can we stop it, we experience changes with our jobs or job loss, ect. This list could go on forever. So as we live our life’s we are on the edge of control and chaos all in various degrees based on the person. This you could say is the point of being comfortably in-between.

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